About Align

Align is a cloud-based business operating system designed to keep companies on the path to executing their key business priorities. Align is currently used by more than 800 companies in all industries in over 64 countries.

Customer Success Associate:

The “Customer Success Associate” will proactively build relationships with users to both increase engagement with the Align platform and expand usage of the Align product throughout the company. The Customer Success Associate will educate customers on  best practices for deploying the Align product and platform through frequent web-based training sessions focusing on product functionality and creating habits to use the software on a daily basis.  The primary goal of the Customer Success Associate is to ensure customers are utilizing and adopting platform in a manner consistent with long term use and commitment to the Align platform.


  • Build trust and develop a positive relationship with assigned accounts.
  • Support and participate in all functions of the customer success team including, but not limited to, training, technical support, reporting – both internal and external, and account analysis.
  • Increase revenue by getting customers to further adopt and expand usage of the Align platform within their organization.
  • Follow internal procedures and processes for successful customer adoption and make suggestions for improvement of all phases of the process
  • Act as the primary liaison between customers and the Align team by submitting product requests and being an advocate for features and enhancements that can have a direct impact on customers.
  • Take responsibility for managing and reducing overall customer churn and act as the last line of defense to prevent customer churn.
  • Proactively identify, react, and develop an action plan customized for a particular client customer when the account shows signs of potential upcoming churn.
  • Ensure timely updates in Salesforce, Align and other internally utilized reporting platforms.

Skills and Other requirements:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, especially Excel
  • Excellent organization and documentation
  • Creative problem solving and account analysis