About Align

We’re a cloud-based strategic management software that aligns companies and their people on their journey to success. Our suite of priority planning, execution and performance tools instill the daily habits used by the most effective organizations. We’re driven to deliver transparency and alignment across our customers’ entire company, to create happy teams that reach their goals!

Founded in 2012, Align has grown organically through strong partnerships and customer relationships. We have nearly 800 companies and 8,000 users across all industries, in more than 64 countries. This year, we raised $2.175 Million in order to meet our aggressive goals and we’re invested in expanding our incredible team.

Infrastructure & IT Lead:

You will be responsible for maintaining and improving Align’s infrastructure to support its applications and business. Most of the infrastructure is in the public cloud (AWS). You will work side-by-side with the Product Development team to ensure that the applications are secure, highly-available and scalable.

You will monitor and report on the health of the application and infrastructure. These operations will be heavily automated. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience automating infrastructure creation and monitoring in the public cloud.

You will also develop and maintain standard policies and procedures for the company’s information technology and ensure that all necessary certifications are obtained and maintained. Over time, you will help build your team to handle the responsibilities and requirements of Align’s information technology.


  • Maintain and improve the public cloud infrastructure that Align uses to deliver its applications and run the business
  • Keep up-to-date on public cloud capabilities and IT best practices
  • Monitor and report on infrastructure costs
  • Prepare a budget for infrastructure and IT and manage to that budget
  • Optimize the infrastructure
  • Maintain IT standards and practices for the company
  • Identify necessary and valuable certifications, create a plan to achieve those certifications and, once achieved, maintain those certifications
  • Build a team to successfully execute on the responsibilities of the IT department
  • Be accountable to your commitments


  • A proven track record of building and maintaining a secure and highly-available IT infrastructure
  • Ensuring that the IT infrastructure supports the needs of the business
  • At least 4 years in IT with at least 2 years experience in IT infrastructure management
  • Ability and desire to work as part of a team
  • A sincere sense of product ownership

Preferred Skills

  • Extensive experience with AWS and automation of infrastructure within AWS
  • Experience with other public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Experience with Dev Ops